Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gellie Toes

Gellie Toes are the easiest way to have beautiful toes that last for weeks. Unlike nail polish, Gellie Toes will last up to 6 weeks before a fill is needed. To do a fill, buff down and reapply product as per a new application.


1. Check feet for nail disorders.

2. Spray feet with sanitizer or wipe with Alcohol (do not soak feet).

3. Wipe off any old polish using a polish remover.

4. Gently push back cuticles, shape free edge of natural nails & lightly buff nails, removing shine.

5. Dust off well with dust brush.

6. Wipe nails with Prep & Clean, using a lint free pad, to remove oils, dust and to disinfect.

NOTE: Should you find ANY inflammation or infection, refer client to a physician. If you should find athlete’s foot, do not perform the pedicure.

Product Application

1. Apply thin coat of One Component Clear or Pink. Cure.

2. Apply a thin coat of Ultra White Fill and create a smile line like you would a French polish. Cure.

3. Apply another coat of One Component a little thicker than the first.

Make sure the nail is smooth and blended into the Ultra White Fill. Cure.

1. Wipe off the dispersion film with Prep & Clean, using a lint free pad.

2. File the free edge and buff if necessary (If no buffing is needed, apply last coat of One Component, no need to wipe the dispersion film) or if you would like a higher gloss shine use Sealer. Cure.

Voila! You’re done!

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